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Me Myself provides a quick, easy and objective snapshot of your key performance indicators — memory, balance, reaction time and time perception. You can incorporate this objective performance information into your daily planning, including sleep management, medication, exercise and nutrition. Create a personal performance profile and keep track of your test history.

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A Smart Idea

It objectively measures your memory, balance, reaction time and time perception and then shows you how your personal lifestyle factors such as sleep, medication and stress impact your daily performance.

The Perfect Device

The perfect combination of objective performance analysis combined with your own subjective perspective.

Complete Privacy

Our 'Privacy Policy' is simple. Your personal information is kept on YOUR personal device. It stays on your device and is NOT uploaded to a server.

How Me Myself Works

Memory Screenshot


Six random numbers appear, spin around and slowly disappear. Remember the numbers as you will be asked to repeat them.


We follow conventional roadside protocol. You are asked to stand on one leg and stay steady for a brief period. A tone or vibration signifies each start and finish.

Balance Screenshot

Reaction Screenshot


A variety of different color buttons appear at random locations. Your job is to tap the right color button as soon as it appears.

Time Perception

Count out loud for twenty seconds. We know many factors can impair ability. Time perception is a marker of reduced performance.

Time Perception Screenshot

Diary Screenshot

Create a Personal Diary.

You can track up to three personal items and Me Myself will automatically show you how your performance on the Me Myself app (objective) compares with your own personal assessment (subjective). You can zoom in or out of the graph to view your history in small increments or look at longer-term trends.


Me Myself uses this information to help you access your performance. It will not make decisions for you, but it can provide objective and valuable information so that you can make an intelligent decision. By analyzing your performance on the four test areas, the Me Myself summary light suggests red, yellow, or green, meaning "likely ok," "use caution" or "warning" if your performance varies too far from your baseline or from the built-in baseline. Detailed performance metrics are available for each test, upon completion, by tapping the info button on the summary screen.

Results Screenshot

Results Screenshot

Personal Performance Profile

You can create your own “Personal Performance Profile.” Me Myself walks you through establishing your profile (or, “baseline”). Your subsequent performance is compared to your personal profile. You should create your personal profile when feel good and refreshed. Establishing your personal profile takes about five minutes and you can reset it whenever you like.

iPhone Privacy

App Privacy Policy

We do not collect any information from you.

Your personal information is kept on your personal device. It stays on your device and we never upload it to a server.

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